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American Indian Archival Material: A Guide to Holdings in the Southeast

"An   attempt   to   satisfy   the   tremendous   need   for   a   comprehensive   guide   to   archival   material   relating   to   Indians.   Repositories   are listed   under   the   town   in   which   they   are   located.   Towns   are   grouped   by   state   and   arranged   alphabetically.   Information   on   each repository   includes   address   and   telephone   number,   hours,   access,   copying   facilities,   a   brief   description   of   Indian   material,   and   titles of   published   guides   to   the   collections.   There   is   also   a   subject   index.   ...   [The   compilers]   have   done   an   admirable   job.   Scholars   who work in the field of Indian history will find this guide extremely useful."-Georgia Historical Quarterly