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Hard Target: The United States War Against International Drug Trafficking, 1982-1997

This   book   sees   the   so-called   war   on   drugs   as   a   failure   that   has   actually   contributed   to   a   growth   in   the   drug   trade. An   overview   of   the U.S.   anti-drug   policy   is   first   provided,   followed   by   an   in-depth   examination   of   the   major   criminal   organizations   that   have   been involved   in   trafficking,   focusing   on   how   these   so-called   hard   targets   got   started,   their   organizational   structure,   their   operations   and how   law   enforcement   worldwide   has   responded   to   their   growth.   The   social,   political   and   economic   effects   of   drug   trafficking   are then   explored.   A   concluding   section   assesses   the   impact   of   U.S.   policy   on   the   worldwide   drug   trade   and   puts   forth   what   has   been learned from this failed agenda.