BIO Ron was a university professor before getting the writing bug. Now he is an award-winning author, two-time Fulbright Scholar recipient to Indonesia and Bangladesh, Senior Research Associate at the Policy Institute, Paramadina University, Jakarta, Indonesia, an adjunct instructor in UCLA's Journalism Extension Program and a consultant to the History Channel's "Gangland" documentary series. Ron is the author of numerous books and more than 4,000 magazine, newspaper and Internet articles on a wide range of topics, from science to entertainment. His celebrity interviews include Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Abbie Hoffman, Noam Chomsky, Evander Holyfield, Andy McDowall, and many others. He has been interviewed by the History Channel, Biography Channel, Investigative Discovery, Black Entertainment Television and NBC Dateline and other media. Among other awards, two of his books, “Drugs Lords” and “Gangsters of Harlem”, were selected finalists for Foreword magazine's 2007 True Crime Book of the Year. “Gangsters of Harlem “won honorable mention. A third book, Black Gangsters of Chicago won a silver medal in the Independent Book Publishers Association's 2007 True Crime Book of the Year. Black Gangsters of Chicago also won first place in the African American nonfiction category of the U.S. Book News "Best Books 2007" award. Both "Black Gangsters of Chicago” and “Gangsters of Harlem” were finalists for the award in the true crime category. “Drug Lords” won honorable mention in the general nonfiction category of the 2008 London Book Festival, while “Black Gangsters of Chicago” won honorable mention in the 2008 New England Book Festival. “Black Gangsters of Chicago” also won first place in African American nonfiction category of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Award. “Gangsters of Harlem” won the award in the True Crime category. A native of Thunder Bay, Canada, Ron resides in South Carolina when not on assignment around the world. He hopes someday to write an award-winning screenplay based on one of his books. About Strategic Media Books, LLC    (www.strategicmediabooks.com) Ron   is   the   founder   of   Strategic   Media   Books,   an   independent   U.S.   publisher   of   original   paperback   and   e-book   editions   that aims   to   bring   its   outstanding   publishing   program   to   the   widest   possible   audience.   Founded   in   2010,   Strategic   Media   Books publishes   nonfiction   that   includes   true   crime,   biography/memoir,   business,   history/current   affairs,   and   lifestyle,   as   well   as cutting-edge   and   inspirational   fiction.   Strategic   Media   Books   also   publishes   a   book   series   titled   “Gangsta   Chronicles.” This   series   focuses   on   true   and   gritty   stories   from   the   street   and   the   world   of   crime.   Strategic   Media   Books’   authors have received numerous literary honors and awards, taking many of the industry's top prizes. The   firm   has   published   over   thirty   five   titles,   some   from   well   known   authors.   The   books   are   sold   through   mayor   book retailers, on-line and independent book sellers.
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Ron   has   reported   from   more   than   35   countries,   including   Cuba, Northern    Ireland,    Colombia,    Kenya,    Colombia,    Hong    Kong, Nepal   and   Czechoslovakia ,   and   his   16,000   plus   interviews   include such     luminaries     as     Gerry     Adams,     Yasser     Arafat,     Russell Simmons,    John    Kerry,    Dave    Barry,   Andie    McDowall,    Jimmy Carter,    Abbie    Hoffman,    Noam    Chomsky,    Frank    Lucas     (the subject   of   the   movie,   ¨ American   Gangster¨ ),   a   former   president   of Nicaragua   and   three   former   presidents   and   two   vice   presidents   of Colombia, South America.
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