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Ron is an optioned screenwriter. He is a graduate of Screenwriting University's Pro Series course and currently is a student in Screenwriting University's Master Screenwriting Class (MSC4). In 2016, he was a finalist in two screenwriting contests: the Charleston International Film Festival and the New Life Film Festival.                          Social media connections: --LinkedIn: --Facebook: --Twitter: --IMDB: My completed and optioned screenplays: a)   FEATURES SAVING LEON (Crime drama) A prominent gangster leaves anonymity behind after 15 years on the run when he learns his son is in trouble with the mob. Loglines for my completed screenplays available for option: a)   FEATURES VENGEANCE (Political thriller) A decorated, PTSD-afflicted Navy Seal, who helped kill Osama Bin Laden, must return to battle the Al-Qaeda effort to assassinate his entire former team and nuke New York City. VIGILANTE  PREACHER (Action/Drama) To save his congregation from environmental disaster, a former mixed martial arts champion-turned-minister must battle a ruthless natural gas company owner while struggling with his uncontrollable rage. KINGPIN: THE RISE AND FALL (Crime drama) Helped by a wise mentor, a young, ambitious drug kingpin finds criminal success, but he must survive a powerful mobster’s effort to destroy him. THE PATRIOT’S CLUB  (Political Thriller) A discredited journalist discovers a series of homeland terrorist attacks are the work of a secret U.S. cabal led by a powerful extremist and must regain credibility in time to save the country. COLD DISH  (Martial Arts Drama) A young martial artist seeks justice for the murder of his family by a powerful Mafia godfather. b)   SHORTS THE SAMARITAN A coarse salesman’s effort to engage a taciturn fellow passenger in conversation on an airline flight reaches a shocking conclusion. Contact: Ron Chepesiuk at