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THE CRIME BEAT WITH RON CHEPESIUK RADIO SHOW Crime   Beat   radio   is   a   broadcast   that   puts   you,   the   listener,   into   the   back   alleys   and   board   rooms   of   the   WORLD’S MOST   FASCINATING   SUBJECT:   CRIME .   On   the   air   since   January   28,   2011,   Crime   Beat    is   a   weekly   hour-long   radio program   that airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. Crime   Beat    presents   fascinating   topics   that    bring   listeners   closer   to   the   dynamic   underbelly   of   the   world   of   crime. Guests   have   included   ex-mobsters,   undercover   law   enforcement   agents,   sports   officials,   informants,   prisoners,   drug   dealers and   investigative   journalists   who   have   provided   insights   and   fresh   information   about   the   world’s   most   fascinating   subject: crime. Crime Beat   is currently averaging 150,000-200,000 listeners in 130-plus countries each  week. Al   Profit,   noted   crime   documentary   filmmaker,   says,   “Crime   Beat   is   the   best   show   of   its   kind   for   the   thinking   listener, both entertaining and educational.” All shows are archived and usually available within 24 hours of the live show. The programs are free to download at the crime page of the Artist First web site. Go to:  To contact the show, e-mail us at