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The War on Drugs:  An International Encyclopedia

The   global   drug   trade   is   one   of   the   most   prominent   examples   of   the   law   of   supply   and   demand.   Despite   such   countermeasures   as the   execution   of   narcotics   dealers   in   China   and   the   United   States's   much-ballyhooed   "War   on   Drugs,"   drug   traffickers   have   always managed to meet the demand and satisfy an ever-growing customer base. In   addition   to   offering   a   wealth   of   little-known   facts,   The   War   on   Drugs   also   covers   major   dealers,   cartels,   organizations,   smuggling and anti-smuggling strategies, major miscalculations and disasters, drug epidemics, legal restraints, famous incidents, and more.