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Sixties Radicals, Then and Now: Candid Conversations With Those Who Shaped the Era

Aroused   by   gains   in   civil   rights   and   galvanized   by   the   antiwar   movement,   radical   leaders   of   the   1960s   sought   to   make   revolutionary changes   in   American   society.   Partly   through   their   leadership,   a   generation   was   awakened   by   the   call   for   a   counterculture.   That generation   is   now   responsible   for   the   same   social   and   political   structures   they   so   adamantly,   and   sometimes   violently,   opposed. How   did   the   sixties   affect   the   counterculture   leaders?   And   what   are   they   doing   now?   Paul   Krassner,   Cleveland   Sellers,   Jane Adams,   Dave   Dellinger,   Bill   Ayers,   Warren   Hinckle,   Peter   Berg,   Noam   Chomsky,   Tim   Leary,   Philip   Berrigan,   Anita   Hoffman,   Jerry Rubin,   Erica   Huggins,   Jim   Fouratt,   Bernadine   Dohrn,   Barry   Melton,   Peter   Coyote,   and Abbie   Hoffman   reflect   on   the   seminal   events that dominated the sixties and discuss the major issues and problems facing America (and them!) today.