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Gangsters of Harlem:

The Gritty Underworld of New York's Most Famous Neighborhood

For   the   first   time   in   paperback,   author   Ron   Chepesiuk   chronicles   the   little   known   history   of   organized   crime   in   Harlem.   African American   organized   crime   has   had   as   significant   an   impact   on   its   constituent   community   as   Italian,   Jewish,   and   Irish   organized crime   has   had   on   theirs.   Gangsters   are   every   bit   as   colorful,   intriguing,   and   powerful   as Al   Capone   and   Lucky   Luciano,   and   have   a fascinating    history    in    gambling,    prostitution,    and    drug    dealing.    In    the    late    1800's,    Harlem    became    a    highly    fashionable neighborhood.
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