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Drug Lords: The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel

For   20   years,   the   Cali   drug   cartel,   a   vast   criminal   conspiracy,   pumped   thousands   of   tons   of   cocaine   into   the   United   States, laundered   billions   of   dollars   in   profits   and   was   responsible   for   endemic   political   corruption   and   an   untold   number   of   murders   and assassinations.   It   ultimately   controlled   70   percent   of   the   world’s   cocaine   market,   flooding   towns   and   cities   with   the   addictive   white powder dubbed the “champagne of drugs.” Through organized violence, terrorist strategies, intimidation and bribery, the cartel became a major threat to Colombia’s fragile stability. It also brought an unprecedented degree of strategy and planning to the drugs trade. It would take more than two decades and a global effort to bring it down.     
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