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Escobar vs. Cali: The War of the Cartels

In   the   1980s,   Colombia   was   the   scene   of   history’s   biggest   gang   war.   The   epic   death   struggle   pitted   Pablo   Escobar,   the   so   called world’s   greatest   outlaw   and   leader   of   the   Medellin   cartel,   against   the   powerful   Cali   cartel,   led   by   the   brothers   Gilberto   and   Miguel Rodriguez   Orejuela.   From   the   mid   1970s   to   the   mid   1990s,   the   Cali   and   Medellin   cartels   dominated   the   Latin American   drug   trade and   created   a   drug   epidemic   that   plagued   the   world.   They   offered   Colombians   a   simple   choice:   silver   or   lead.   Either   you   cooperate or die. Eventually   the   drug   trafficking   world   was   too   small   to   accommodate   both   of   them.   The   gang   war   the   two   cartels   fomented   left thousands   of   Colombians   dead   and   spawned   the   term,   narco-terrorism.   At   stake   was   the   future   of   Colombia   and   the   U.S.   War   on Drugs. So   who   were   the   war’s   major   players?   Who   got   Pablo   Escobar   and   how   did   the   war   play   out?      What   were   the   gang   war’s consequences?   Author   Ron   Chepesiuk   takes   the   reader   behind   the   scenes   of   the   war   to   the   death   and   investigates   a   fascinating gangland mystery.